Hi, I'm Sheri

As a lifelong Oregon resident, proud graduate of Oregon schools and even prouder parent of an OHS freshman, I am excited about the future of Oregon schools. We are blessed with talented, professional, and caring staff, including our frontline teachers and support staff, building caretakers, school bus drivers, and administrators. We are also fortunate to have a supportive community that recognizes the value of quality public education that is readily available to all. 

As the district moves ahead during and after the pandemic, we will be faced with many challenges and opportunities for innovation to recover and move forward. We are also in the enviable position of increasing population and enrollment that will cause another set of challenges. 

I have proven experience and leadership in school law, management, and operations as legal counsel for the Department of Public Instruction from 1997-2012. Serving under multiple state superintendents, I provided guidance, advice, and counsel on issues including special education, pupil behaviors, student achievement, boundary appeals, discrimination policies and appeals, open enrollment and charter schools, school finance, and teacher preparation and education.  I am also an experienced personnel attorney, having over 20 years of practice in discrimination law, employee discipline, and employee compensation. Currently, I lead a bureau at the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development that is dedicated to project management, continuous improvement, health, safety, and wellness of employees, policy develoment, and emergency management.


I am experienced in leading and managing through catastrophic events. I served as the co-incident manager for two major events that affected our agency staff. In 2014, I led the response to a fire in our state office building that displaced over 1000 employees for several months. I coordinated the activities of various operational partners, business areas, and vendors to ensure we were able to continue our work serving the people of Wisconsin and their workers compensation, unemployment insurance, employment and training, vocational rehabilitation, and equal rights enforcement needs. I coordinated the successful reconstitution of the staff after the building was repaired, again moving 1000 employees back to their regular worksite without interruption of service. Currently, I am the Planning and Operations Chief for our agency's response to the pandemic, again ensuring the ability of our staff to work safely and meet the needs of our customers and planning for every new twist and turn we face during these unpredictable times. 


I have dedicated my life to serving the needs of some of our most vulnerable people - children. As an assistant district attorney, I protected our community by prosecuting crimes against children and families. As a lawyer at DPI, I was constantly guided by what is the child centered approach. How can we ensure all children have access to quality education? 

Public schools are my passion. Our country's strength is based on the requirement that each child is entitled to a free, appropriate education. A strong educational system leads directly to effective civic engagement and strong economy. This is needed as much now as ever and Oregon schools are key to our community's success.

Sheri Pollock

OHS, Class of 1984